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Biohazard Testimonials

I returned from vacation to a disaster in my rental basement. A mainline blockage created a backup and overflow into the basement. When Josh showed up that Saturday the plumber was not there yet. He managed to calm down my panicked state, I wanted the clean up done like yesterday. Josh reassured me that everything will be fine once he's done. That I should allow the plumber to work before he did otherwise I would find myself liable for another cleanup when the unaddressed plumbing problem reoccurs.
The plumber came later, after he completed the job he was on but by then Josh had left, promising to be back in the am, after the plumber was done. Josh did not disappoint. The next day he showed up at the time arranged with his office. He was punctual, always, and on every visit called when he was 10 mins away. Josh was thorough with his assessment of the situation and explained all the details of his plan of action. Once the assessment was done and my signature obtained I left him with his one man crew, Pedro, allowing them to their job.
Wilbur and his crew were just as effective in completing their tasks because they called close to completion and by the time I got there shortly afterwards the last bag was going out. The basement already cleaned up from work. They also sanitized, explaining that with the wall removed they then had access to areas that Josh's crew could not.
I'm would to thank Josh, Wilbur, Chris and Pedro because they are ones with whom I spoke. It was also a pleasure to have Michelle always keeping me updated on the appointments.

Last week we had a plumbing leak.

The SERVPRO team arrived ready for action...incredibly efficient and professional. They moved heavy furniture and set up the dryers. Within three days we were dry and after a follow up, they removed the equipment. In fact, they're returning to move back some furniture! 

Nothing but positive things to say about SERVPRO Montclair / West Orange. I had a major toilet overflow in my newly finished basement. SERVPRO was out in no time to clean up the mess. Travis and his crew were very knowledgeable and put my mind at ease. From speaking with the office to the technicians at my home I am more then pleased.