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Signs You Need Water Damage Restoration Services

12/5/2022 (Permalink)

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Signs That Water Damage Restoration Services Are Required

Water damage is a serious issue, and if you don't get it fixed as soon as possible, it could cause lasting damage to your Montclair, NJ home or business. Here are some signs that you need water damage restoration services:

Wet Spots on the Floor or Ceiling

Leaks are a common cause of water damage, so look for signs of them. If you have a leak, you may notice wet spots on the floor or ceiling. Check for watermarks on your ceiling and look for moisture under sinks and toilets. If you see any of these signs, it's time to call in an expert!

Significant Changes in Your Water Bill

If your water bill has increased, that can be a good sign that you have a leak. The increase will usually happen over time and not all at once. So if you notice an increase in your water usage and there are no changes to the number of people living in your home or anything like that, it could be because of a leak.

Test Your Carpets

Carpets can be a good place to start because they are the most susceptible to water damage. To test your carpets and floors, you can use a moisture meter. This little device measures the amount of moisture in the flooring material and will tell you if it is wet or if it has been damaged. If your carpet does not pass this test, get some help from an expert who can remove as much of the water as possible before it causes permanent damage to your home.

Listen and Watch the Dishwasher

If you hear the dishwasher running longer than usual, check it for leaks. Look at any water on the floor around your sink or underneath it and see if there are any leaks that are causing this.

If a leak is suspected, turn off the water supply under your sink immediately to keep from causing even more damage by flooding the area further.

Check Under Your Sinks

Many of us take daily showers and are accustomed to seeing some discoloration on our bathtub liner. However, if you notice any rust or mold under your sinks, it could be a sign that there is more water damage than meets the eye. It's important not to touch anything that might be contaminated because this can spread bacteria throughout the home.

Call the Professionals

It’s important to know that the faster you call SERVPRO of Montclair/ West Orange to investigate, the faster we can get you back on track. We will help assess the damage and make recommendations for cleanup and restoration services to begin as soon as possible.

In short, water damage can be a disaster if left to go unchecked. If you have any of the signs above, call SERVPRO of Montclair/ West Orange immediately to investigate and get the problem taken care of before it becomes worse. Our trained professionals will help you assess the damage, formulate a plan for restoration, and get it done quickly!

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